The idea for a company that specialised in finding and creating the perfect home and lifestyle began outside a restaurant in central London in summer time.


As many Cornish people do, I moved to the city to pursue my career, and as I sat outside, beside a dirty gridlocked road, on a crowded, sticky hot day my friend turned to me and said: “This is what life is all about!”

Just as she finished saying this, the bus which had sat idling beside us finally inched forward and as it did so a thick cloud of fumes enveloped us all. I thought to myself, “No not really!”


And so, I decided that weekend to make the journey back to Cornwall. As I drove out of the city I saw a billboard with a picture of an exhausted man, sat in a house watching television. The tagline read “Did you really move here to do this?”.


That image stuck with me. As I spent the weekend in Cornwall, breathing clean air, surfing, hiking and enjoying some of the best food I had eaten in months, I realised that I had become the man in the billboard .


I made the decision that I no longer wanted my life to revolve around early starts, late finishes, a dirty, unfriendly city, a cost of living that outweighed even the best salary, and a quality of life that was non-existent.


I spent the next couple of weeks looking at work, housing, school and life opportunities in the South West and realised that's where my future lay.


The world has changed in recent years – you can work in a stunning waterside community like the South West and have the career and the job and the house that you deserve.


Cliff + Ocean exists in order to find you the perfect home. A home that can make the dream of the perfect work life balance become a reality. And a home that exceeds all expectations.


I can’t wait to hear from you,


Adam Desmonde




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